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Judaica art, Judaica Gifts

Eli7Creations handcrafted Judaica offers superior quality, custom-designed challah and matzah covers, tallit and tefillin bags, mezuzot, synagogue art, wall hangings and more. A perfect gift for any occasion, our designs will provide a stylish look for all of your Judaica needs.

Judaica art, Judaica Gifts Judaica art, Judaica Gifts
Judaica art, Judaica Gifts
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Eli7Creations handcrafted Judaica creates personalized challah covers, matzah covers, tallit and tefillin bags, atarot, mezuzot, and wall hangings.

All of our exquisite fabrics are hand-dyed to accentuate their rich appearance. Magnificent designs burst with full range of color and texture creating a personal and unique expression of taste and beauty.

All of Eli7Creations pieces are produced with the highest level of craftsmanship using quilting, appliqué, and embroidery techniques. We carefully select each thread to highlight the natural luster of the fabric and preserve its artistic finish.

Choose from one of our existing creations or participate in the customizing of your very own work of art.